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UNITED STATES is a website by Sandra Colton dedicated to all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel! I've had a lot of fabulous experiences and continue to seek more adventures.






Sandra Colton

As a recent graduate of the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design's Vogue Fashion Certificate program, I spent a significant amount of time traveling the London Underground visiting museums, pubs and fashion hubs. After graduation my adventure continued on the Paris Metro in France and on the New York MTA, back in my home country of the United States

With my heightened fashion sense at the forefront, my travels suddenly took on new meaning. The usual dull subway travel included more than the awkward stare or annoying lurk over the shoulder of a nearby passenger. Now, my metro journey included my style scoop catching the cutest handbag, sweet mani-pedi or a must-have jumper.

There are plenty of ways to have a fashionable Fall, and here are my Top 6 ways to spruce up your on-the-go subway style: 

1. SIGNATURE SCENT: Although each subway system has its own smell (yuk), each subway car can be lifted by a beautiful parfum to carry your spirits through the Fall day. Some favs include Flora by Gucci or Burberry Summer for the ladies.

2. SHADOW SIZZLE: We can all agree that most of us look down on the subway to avoid eye contact. If your eyes are closed even for a little of your journey, why not give a little glamour? Shadow your eyes in a shimmery natural tone like Mylar (satin) by MAC Cosmetics or go bold with the Nars Duo Creme Eye shadow called Turn It Blue.

3. NO TEA NO SHADE: For guys and gals, sunglasses may be the best method just keep your cool and put forth your fashion statement. Ladies cannot go wrong with the deep noir of Dior "So Real" sunglasses and men can lean in with the Alexander McQueen Aviators.


4. SATCHEL STORIES: A journey isn't complete without a perfect companion bag for keepsakes. I love the variety of the men's messenger bags at Cole Haan, especially the Greenwich Newspaper Bag. And for the ladies, a colorful Proenza Schouler medium satchel gives a punch of life to the season.

5. SERENADING SONGS: Music will always help your travel time fly by a little bit faster, so an iPhone, iPod or .mp3 player is a must have accessory. Twerk up your playlist with a few club bangers and some flashback jams. Apple's purchase of Beats by Dre could prove to unleash a few new tech gadgets for Fall as well. Fingers crossed!

6. SHOE CITY: Last but certainly not least, shoes are the final and must have item to spruce up your subway style. After all, if we are looking down during most of the journey, most of our time is spent looking at feet. Make yours stand out from the crowd. Some of my fav Fall staples include Men's Saint Laurent Classic Court hi-top trainers and Women's Fendi ankle boot. Both give color and make a bold statement.

Click on any of the images to find out more details. Try out these six tips to kick up your subway style and enjoy the journey wherever your travels may take you!


TRENDING: Giambattista Valli

Sandra Colton

The dress that took over Italy stole my heart as well! Amal Alamuddin wore this beautiful dress while attending her weekend wedding festivities in Venice. Both her and hubby George Clooney have impeccable taste. The gown was designed by Giambattista Valli. I've selected a few additional Valli haute couture designs to highlight from Spring and Fall 2014 below. Simply elegant. 



Sandra Colton

Image Source Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Image Source
Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The RYDER CUP is September 26-28, 2014 in Scotland and that got me thinking about golf fashion. Most people look to the pros to see what is "in" or "out" - so what should a spectator wear? I look at golf as a very interesting sport. In some aspects, the game is so slow that I always wish for more action. After thinking in terms of fashion, one could look at the experience of golf as a roving fashion show.

A few essential items you'll want on the golf trail are below:

  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Cell phone
  • Patience

The promo video for the Ryder Cup featuring Clive Anderson and Greg Proops by BMW also addresses some quirky differences between the two. I've included some fun golf items as well. Hope you find something that suits your game. Click on any item to find out more details. Go Team USA!


MWIB: 9/26/14

Sandra Colton

My Week In Beauty | 9/26/14

Image Source - Click to go direct to iTunes

Image Source - Click to go direct to iTunes

This week has been full of eBay sales, trips to the post office, blogging fashion, and one crazy twist I didn't see coming...DK3 on iTunes due out 10/28/14. Um, of the DK ladies, Miss Shannon Bex, posted the link on her Facebook and I had to share. Although the group isn't together any longer, their music is still making waves. Enjoy a DK MV below.

I also had my own beauty bounty this week with the purchase of a few more makeup essentials. Two beautiful lip colors by MAC, Russian Red (a staple for all ladies) and Hot Tahiti, which I absolutely love. In addition to those, two MAC lip pencils in Auburn and Spice shades of glory and one Yves Saint Laurent Rebel Nude Glossy Stain as well. My lips are very happy!